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Damn your good, a very perceptual article.

And guess what I agree. I am a consultant working in the trenches every day helping my clients with their customer experience management and customer service issues. One thing I really work on is developing the WOM experience. However, I have not followed the mainstream hype in this development. I watched the pod cast and like you have read more than I can remember and much I really don't want to remember.

What I have found is that 90% of what I have read is old school marketing techniques, the tried and tired, packaged with a new wrap calling it something different and everybody taking a pat on the back for this new and wonderful concept that they don’t understand.

Word of mouth marketing has been around since the first business in the first millennium opened its doors for business and wowed the first clients with a great idea. I really wish people (professionals?) would get original when stealing a concept, especially such an old one.

Word of mouth marketing is not dependent on employee buy in, participation or ownership and someone please, please define for me the phrase “excellence in service”. The ambiguity of this statement grates on my nerves. The “excellence of service” phrase is a tired cliché thrown around by marketing people to say something about nothing so that they can feel important about something they don’t understand. Word of mouth advertising is something that they by their performance and rhetoric have shown their ineptness for creating change.

The Customer advocate comes through the development and implementation of customer experience management that actually finds out about the customer first. It helps to define their need as they see it and then implements a program to fill that need. Now that would be a great first step to WOM.

Thanks for the article

olivier blanchard

Don't give up on word-of-mouth marketing, man. Yeah, it's kind of the fad right now, and yeah, people will try to exploit it... But it's still really good stuff when done right and for the right reasons. Remember this? (See below.)

olivier blanchard

Or this one, even:

olivier blanchard

Yep. Just because a few hacks are trying to turn WOM into a cash cow doesn't mean it isn't incredibly powerful. Thanks for posting this.


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